Copyright (c) 1997-2000 E-Scrub Technologies, Inc.; All rights reserved WPOISON Copyright IMPORTANT: Please note that the copyright terms and conditions for Wpoison allow you to download and use it for free, and at no charge however, as noted in the block on comments at the beginning of the actual script file, if you download and install a copy of Wpoison on your own web site, I ask that you also place a copy of the official Wpoison logo:

Protected By Wpoison

on the home page of your web site, and that you make the logo itself be a hyperlink to the official Wpoison home page, so that when people click on the logo, they are taken to this web site.

The reason for this requirement is to get additional publicity for Wpoison. The more sites that use this script, the more effective it will be at discouraging spammers from even trying to harvest e-mail addresses off the web.

To place a copy of the official Wpoison logo on your home page, begin by clicking on the image of the logo shown above. Doing that should bring up just the logo image, alone, in your browser window. Once you have just the logo image in your browser window, use your browser to perform a Save operation, and save the logo graphic file to a local file on your own web server having the name wpoison-logo.gif.

Once you have that logo graphic file on your own web server, move it to the top-level directory of your entire web site.

Finally, link the official Wpoison logo image into your own home page by adding the following bit of HTML code somewhere on your home page:

      <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">
        <IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"
           WIDTH="105" HEIGHT="40" ALT="Protected By Wpoison"></A>
Please note that it is very important that you set the value of the BORDER attribute to zero within the IMG tag. It is also very important that you keep the closing </A> tag right up against the > that terminates the IMG tag. Otherwise, there will appear an ugly little ``tail'' attached to the bottom right corner of the logo image, at least when it is viewed with some versions of Netscape Navigator.