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SFO_Pierside with low pressure blow

Pierside close-up of some of the damage

Second Pierside Close_up with Comments

View of Sail and forward deck. Note the down angle.

Upper Rudder- normal draft would be 30'

After 12 Buoyancy Bags Installed

A topside cofferdam keeps the water out.

Topside Cofferdam

After 12 lift bags the bow is visible

Bow of USS Keywest SSN 722 for comparison

Restored draft and Bow Damage

Normal stern draft after 12 lift bags forward
Normal Stern Draft

Remains of Sonar Dome Bow Fairing

Remains of fiberglass bow fairing (Sonar Dome)

Webmaster's Damage Assessment

Drydock Shockers


Port Bow Destruction viewed from Dry Dock Topside.


Port Bow Destruction viewed from Dry Dock Floor

Port Bow Destruction Large

Shutter Doors

New Shockers

New Sonar Dome


SFO Grounding

Crewman Dies

Arrival in Guam

Situation Report

Article Collection

Crewman Letter

NY Times E-mails

Could have sunk

Gaps in Mapping

"Commander Guilty"

Crew members honored for heroism

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