Dick Dietz the Navy's 1st Nuke C.O.B. was 1st contacted by Jack Bennett, former XO of the USS Queenfish (SS393), and asked if he thought the  651 guys would like to have a joint reunion.  One of the first 651 contacts He made was T.I. Thompson. He was eager to help.

Dick and T.I. Thompson went on the hunt and the rest is history.

Brainstorming sessions were held with the 651 guys in attendance and about a hundred names were collected.  Very little contact information was gathered.

Since this web site was created we have over five hundred sixty names with addresses and contact information for over 90% of those on the list.

Photos Taken primarily by Uffie.
This Web Site was inspired by the need of a means to contact
former Queenfish Sailors from either boat.