The Queenfish Patches

Every unit in every branch of the military has a patch. None are worn with a pride to equal that of the submarine sailor. Below I depict the patches of Queenfish.
Note: If you have better quality photos of the 393 patches please send them to me.

The first 393 patch The 2nd 393 patch My Web site 393 patch - Copyright 2001 Jerry Uffelman
The 1st patch based on the battle flag below The 2nd patch based on the new battle flag below This Web site patch borrows elements from both and adds the motto
Post WWII rendering of 1st battle flag Second Battle Flag
A dressed up version of the original battle flag, designed by Jack Bennet Designed by a later crewmember Robert Pierce SO1(SS) The SSN 651 patch designed in a competition

"Reproductions" of 393 patches available on the WEB.

2nd patch reproduction Unknown time period. Probably 50's see the second battle flag Unknown time period
Why are there different patches for the same boat?
Crews get tired of staring at the same patch all of the time, and they do get dated in style and appearance. Sometimes the ship's designation changes i.e.; SS 393 to AGSS 393.

Why does a patch vary from time to time?

Patches vary for a many reasons.
 The more colors used, the more expensive the patch. The patch on the left has two less colors, than the one on the right.
 The more detail, the more the cost. the patch on the right has more detail, thus more stitches..
 Sometimes the embroiderer is less an artist than others, and takes more "artistic license."

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