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We Will Not Forget;*

December 7, 1941

"United we stand, divided we fall."

Two  Queenfishers have rested their oars:

Herchell "Tommy" Thomas TM2(SS) aka "Buzzard"
Newport News VA
March 9, 2016

Art Gnepper IC1(SS), SSN651, Dupont, WA
March 18, 2016

Please Sign the petition to recognize the Japanese-American
 veterans who gave service to this country in WWII

An excellent tribute to our veterans

 USS Queenfish (SS393) March, 11, 1944 - 14 August,1963
 USS Queenfish (SSN651) December 6, 1966 - 2
1 September, 1990


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Commander McLaren Has a New Author's page
And C.P. Green Sent me

  I'm often asked, "When is the next reunion?".
The answer is simple. Whenever you decide it to be, and,
and someone takes the reigns and and puts it together.
Now is your chance to "do it right".
 We need your input and help. 

Contact Ginny Harrison or Jerry Uffelman
Visit USS Queenfish (Submariners) Group
on facebook

"Two ships, one name, one proud tradition"
Jack Bennett, 1st XO SS393
This site is dedicated to these two boats, their traditions, and the fine men
who gave them life, and made them two of the best ships in naval submarine history.
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Although we will never see her again. There is no reason why
the crew members can't meet again. The purpose of this site.


DISCLAIMER: This Web site has no affiliation with the US Navy, or the US Department of Defense. Opinions are strictly those of the contributors to this site, and are not to be construed otherwise.

Note: If you are a plank owner of SS393, or are an immediate family member 
you may be entitled to an authentic piece of 393 planking Click Here.

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SS393 History SSN651 History
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If you served on either one, or both ships for any length of time, we want to hear from you.
Who are we? We are the Queenfish Alumni Association. What are we? A loose 
association of former crew members from both ships who decided after two joint, reunions
that we should have a better coordinated method of collecting information on crew members,
and the history of our ships. We have a roster for each ship, which is used to to collect the
names, and where possible addresses of former crew members. This information is used to
plan reunions, and help reunite shipmates. We have our own Domain "".
. This organization is totally dependant on donations to maintain this web site and sponsor our reunions.
To contact us with your information, click on
this link
or contact
Harry Hall (SS393) or Jerry Uffelman (SSN651).

I hope you enjoy this site, Jerry Uffelman, IC1(SS), SSN651, Webmaster,
Member of the Html Writers Guild - CIW Associate Certified

A Special Memorial Dedication:
To my mother & father, Denny Knapp, Dick Dietz, and all of our submarine brethren who have rested their oars.


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