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Dan Harrison

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Dan & Moose

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Helping Move

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He's the one moving

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In the old Barracks

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Seaman Angus

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TMSN Lassiter (Fang)

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RMSN Steven Apple 

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Uffie Tortured

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Gary Gillette & Dennis (Primo) Kawakami

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Gary Gillette SN

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Yep this one of the pre-WWII barracks you've seen in the movies

In the New Barracks

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Queenfish Party

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Talent Show At Sea

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har75.jpg (62025 bytes) Mike Ruth

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IC2 (Hoagie) Elam

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The fellow in the bib overalls vowed to wear them exclusively for the whole WESTPAC. They were lifted while he was sleeping and hidden for the rest of the cruise. He was upset, but, we were able to breath easier.

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Nome, Alaska

har83.jpg (42357 bytes) Steven Apple
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Looking at the boat from the motor launch

The sky isn't red so "Sailors Delight"

Do you see what I mean?

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I think we found the SS Minnow. Where's Gilligan?

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Whoever heard of driving a dog sled without a team off a derelict boat?

A ride in a native "Umiak". A boat made from Walrus hide and bone.

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Notice the tall chimney in the background. Its to allow the heater or stove to work when the snow is deep. They've got some fire hydrants up in the air too.

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QM3 Larry Invie

FTG3(SS) paderik Doyle

Someone help me out here. Who is this?

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This a Polynia. Which is Russian for a big hole in the ice pack :-)

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Another great show picture

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Divers take temperature readings and photos

Divers take temperature readings and photos

Divers take temperature readings and photos

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Divers take temperature readings and photos

Divers take temperature readings and photos

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