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Pearl Harbor
"December 7, 1941 -- a date that will live in infamy--." Franklin Roosevelt

With the submarine base and tank farm unscathed, the submarine command at Pearl Harbor was able to deploy the fleet almost immediately. These forces combined with the rest of the U.S. submarine forces wreaked havoc on the Japanese navy and merchant marine. By August, 1945 the American submarines had sunk a total of 1,114 ships for a total of 4,782,000 tons. The U.S. had lost 52 submarines, and 3,617 men (six submariners died for every non-submariner killed in action.)

In early August 1944 the newly commissioned USS Queenfish (SS393),
departed Pearl Harbor and entered the war.

The crew of SS 393 with battleflag on the beach at Quam in 1944
On the beach in Guam
As you can see by the flag, in 1944 Queenfish already had made her marks in battle.


 Queenfish Battleflag
Guam photo courtesy Dick Fason
Top photo from : "East Wind Rain" 1981 by Stan Cohan
Other photos By permission, from "Subs In The Spotlight", the Spring 1996 edition of "The Klaxon,
Submarine Force Library and Museum, Groton, CT"

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