The SS 393 insignia.

SS393 Christmas

The SSN 651 insignia.
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The submariner made sure that he and his loved ones were remembered during the holidays.
   These Christmas cards were in postcard form. They depict SS 393 in battle. The top two have the same border and "Seasons Greetings".
   The one on the left has a different border, and says "Merry Christmas"-"Happy New Year".
   All three have the ships name  with "awarded the Presidential Unit Citation World War II" below the name.
   The one on the left also has a quotation from President Roosevelt. A detail of this is shown below.

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"The heroic deeds of our fighting forces are an inspiration that will live forever." F. D. Roosevelt
I have no idea if these cards were issued, or bought by ship's funds, or who created them. Anyone with more information please feel free to contribute. I'm sure there may be more styles available too. I've lost my notes on the contributors of the 1st two card images, please forgive me. the 3rd card is from John Paulukaitis.

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